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Christian Ed:


 The Sunday School typically has a two special programs in the year:

      * The Christmas program,  where youth can share their musical talents along with a lesson related to Christmas with Christmas readings.   This year we used a section of the book   "Christmas Uncut"  and sang many of the popular Christmas Carols using the original lyrics

     * The Closing program,  where each class and teacher has a chance to discuss what they did that year.  There is usually a theme and the last 5 years have been based on the Simonetta Carr series.   Calvin,  Augustine,  Owen,  Athanasius.   Lady Jane grey came out around Christmas This year will be on her upcoming book on Anselm  coming out in the June July timeframe ( we may do this with a twist,  as scholarly Anselm will meet school of hard knocks Ruth the Moabite as God used both types of people for His glory )



* Typically there are reduced classes in the Summer.   Often the youngest kids watch special series like the Theo  series on the armor of God  and on Grace   The older grade school watch something like Incredible Creatures that defy evolution.   This year perhaps  the movie "The Widows Might"  is on the list of possiblities

* typically the youth class for High school continues in some form through the summer


Sunday School may be cancelled on holidays.  Announcements made in the sevice. 



Sunday School:
10:00 AM
11:45 AM


Ladies Bible Study 10:30- Noon


Worship 10 A.M., Sunday School 11:45, Evening Service 6 P.M.