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Youth Group:

Young people of the church and community in grades 7-12 are invited to check out this page to find events for the Youth Group.  Carol and James Phillips are always glad to see you and help you with anything you want to talk about (845-565-4553 and jamcarp@juno.com).

October 26--Thanks for the great weather for a good hike, Lord.  We praise you for the beauty in the Hudson Valley landscape, woods and water.  May we be "like trees planted by rivers of water" (Psalm 1).


"When I run, I feel His pleasure."--Eric Liddel in Chariots of Fire     ⇔  

"Run the race to win..."--the Apostle Paul


Sunday School:
10:00 AM
11:45 AM


Ladies Bible Study 10:30- Noon


Worship 10 A.M., Sunday School 11:45, Evening Service 6 P.M.