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"Psalm 67:1-3: May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face to shine upon us, that your way may be known on earth, your saving power among all nations. Let the peoples praise you, O God; let all the peoples praise you!

July 2006

Our Task: 
The Missions Team, under the Session, is responsible for: 

  • providing the church with information about and prayer requests for our missionaries
  • scheduling missionary visits
  • planning and promoting missionary projects
  • proposing the annual budget for missions

The team has a specific responsibility to promote the work of missions, at home and abroad, under the general auspices of the PCA General Assembly (Mission to North America and Mission to the World) and with the corresponding committees at the Presbytery level. In addition to this, we aim to help those who have been a part of our congregation, but who may be with a non-PCA missions organization. 

Our Communication:

  • A missions prayer focus related to our missionaries is printed in the Sunday bulletin
  • Missionary communications we receive are copied and handed out in sets from time to time to the congregation. Copies of e-mails and letters are also posted on a missions bulletin board.
  • Another bulletin board highlights special missions news or events.
  • Missions updates are handed out as needed to give additional information the Team wants to share, and occasional oral presentations are given during the morning service.

Our Visitors:
As our missionaries are available during HMA, (Home Missionary Assignment) we have been glad to have them visit us. Our most recent guests have been Jane Brinkerhoff (Japan), and Sam and Lois Mateer (Chile), Dr. Jody Collinge (Mexico), and Jeremiah and Julie Diedrich (Brazil). 

Our Special Projects:
We have generally promoted one special roject each year. These have ranged from a short-term team, to individuals doing summer missions, to collections of various materials for those in need, to filling "change houses" for StreetChild International.


  • An annual project has become the signing of Christmas cards for each of our missionaries.
  • We provide prayer support for Chaplain Collin Grossruck and his wife Barbara. Collin moves with his army unit and is currently back and forth between Germany and Iraq.
  • A new endeavor we are supporting is the newly acquired radio station WFSO, under the direction of Redeemer Broadcasting, which is seeking to present excellent music and Reformed speakers. It is based near Kingston, NY, and is under the direction of Dan Elmendorf.
  • We have initiated an Adopt A Missionary program, with various ones of our congregation committing to a year of occasional contact with our missionaries so they hear from us, as well as our hearing from them.



    Jane Brinkerhoff - Japan
    Dr. Jody Collinge - Mexico
    Richard and Robyn Crane - USA
    David and Eleanor Fiol - India
    David and Jan Kiewiet - Australia
    Sam and Lois Mateer - Chile
    Jeff and Esther Talley - Slovak Republic


    Chaplin Collin and Barbara Grossruck - US Army


    Brian and Ruth Clark - USA

Wycliffe Bible Translators / JAARS

    Jeremiah and Julie Diedrich


Chapel Field Christian School
Redeemer Broadcasting

Our Team Members:

    Louise Armstrong
    Cheryl & Jim McEnery
    Linda Lou Sully
    Bob and Wilma Van Gent
    John Vance is elder representative to the team.

We are a small group, but we often ask the Lord to multiply our efforts as we seek to keep the Great Commission before all of us. We find great joy as we learn of what our prayer and financial investment in missions does. May God be glorified.

Sunday School:
10:00 AM
11:45 AM


Ladies Bible Study 10:30- Noon


Worship 10 A.M., Sunday School 11:45, Evening Service 6 P.M.